I'm Matthew. I'm a copywriter.

And I write words that give your business the edge!

Are you enticing customers to buy from you? Or are they passing you by, ignoring your website, emails and chucking your printed mail in the bin the second it's posted through their letterbox?

If so, it's time to use a professional copywriter.

I write words that make you look professional and tempt your ideal clients to come to you.

The right words: 

  • ​​Intrigue
  • Attract 
  • Inspire 
  • Persuade, and 
  • Drive your customers to spend their time and money on you

That's what great copywriting can do.

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Inject your business with rocket fuel!

How does copywriting benefit you?

Easy - it helps you sell.

You're in business to make a profit, but if the words you're using aren't packed with rocket fuel you're missing out on customers who would otherwise go crazy for you.

Need help with:

  • Web pages
  • Blog posts
  • E-Mails
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media posts
  • SEO
  • Product Descriptions
  • Flyers

Or something else?

No problem, I'll rip the bland out and get you noticed.

 See what I can do.

But act fast - I'm taking work on every day!

Make the right choice - choose a freelance copywriter who cares about you.

Whatever you need, make it incredible, make it Indelible!


  • Anna LovattAnna LovattWildsville Ltd

    "Working in an industry with big names, it’s imperative that my website looks and reads as professionally as possible.

    That’s why I contacted Indelible Think and requested a thorough proofread of my site. Not only was Matthew attentive, but he was also friendly and professional too.

    He picked up errors I had never noticed and reworded sections, so they flowed much better than they had before.

    It was a pleasure to work with Matthew and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again in the future."

  • Tracey TaitTracey TaitTranscendYou

    "I loved every minute working with Indelible Think.

    Matthew is so easy to get along with, and he grasped what I wanted and needed after our initial conversation. When he said he would get drafts to me, he'd get drafts to me, and they'd always blow me away with how good they were.

    From start to finish, it was simple, fun and it's clear to see that Matthew is not only a skilled wordsmith but an excellent listener.

    I'm already planning our next project."

  • Izabella FountainIzabella FountainThe Blossom

    "I contacted Matt and asked him to write a blog post about my business. I gave him some basic information which was then followed by a very friendly phone call. As a result, I got a wonderful piece, far more than I expected.

    He took his time to research the subject and what we do, great care when choosing the right wording and ensured that all SEO requirements were met. I will most certainly be using his services again."

  • "Indelible Think consistently provide high-quality copy for me, covering a variety of topics, and always deliver quickly.

    Matthew communicates clearly the key benefits of a product/service with a chatty style sprinkled with humour, that stands out against bland, boring copy that's sadly so prevalent on the web."

  • "Matthew helped me out tremendously with creating powerful copy for my website. If I hadn't employed him, my sales would've suffered so badly!

    Basically, there was some copy already created but it was all DIY, and I needed the help of a professional. Matthew stepped in and fixed it up so it maximizes the impact on my target audience. He definitely has experience and it shows through his work. You won't regret hiring him."

  • Ruth LatchfordRuth LatchfordAuthor

    "A huge thank you to Indelible Think for their sterling work on my logo for use as a cover design for my novel. I gave a simple brief and although there was the opportunity for further edits, these weren’t required. Kayleigh nailed it first time round, going above and beyond my expectations.

    The result is an eye-catching image which has already piqued people’s interest, but also communicates enough to give a feel as to what the book is about. And like all good designs, it works on several levels; it’s clear that there’s plenty of 'Think' at Indelible Think!

    Quick turnaround, great communication and very good value. Would heartily recommend their services and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again."

  • Remmington PhillipsRemmington PhillipsPyro Consulting Solutions

    "As a marketing company, it is important to us that the writing style on our website match our branding completely. Indelible Think took the time to understand our brand in order to deliver materials which fit our needs. This was the most important consideration for us when working with an outside freelancer, as our brand is our life.

    Since we live and breath in a fast-paced industry, the other thing that is important to us is turn-around time -- this is another area where working with Matthew is an advantage for us. Even though we are in a different timezone, he is always flexible and willing to help us meet our deadlines.

    We trust them to make positive recommendations about our needs, work within our branding, and to never miss a beat."

  • Nicholas Buus RasmussenNicholas Buus RasmussenShop4Body.dk & IT Magic Aps

    "Matthew is a very skilled writer.

    Very Happy!"

  • LukeLukeLC Web Development

    "Kayleigh worked with us to accommodate our design requirements and was flexible when changes needed to be made.

    The result was a professionally designed logo that was a perfect fit for our brand."  (The logo is for a future business yet to launch so we haven't posted the logo as it is yet to be unveiled).

  • Maryam WaheedMaryam WaheedKwizeen Utensils

    "It has been an absolute pleasure working with Indelible Think. I had no idea what I wanted for my product name and gave them very little instruction.

    I was extremely pleased with their work. They provided me with a lot of options to choose from, in terms of name, and I would definitely recommend them."

Words are my life, both in work and in my hobby!

Read all about me on the 'About' page.

Why Me?

Copywriting is about engaging your customers.

Check my Services page and find out how I can help YOU.


Okay, don't be shy, hands up if you'd love to feel incredible?

Check out the clients I've produced work for!


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