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Oooooo, awoooo – and other ghostly and werewolf-y type sound effects aside – Halloween is, like it or loathe it, here to stay.

It’s also a chance for you to join in the fun and spruce up your business with some gruesomely good extras that show off your sense of fun!

Be seen this Halloween

I was riding a broomstick before Harry Potter was a glint in Lily and James’ eye – for broomstick, read kitchen mop – but that’s by the by.

It counts.

It’s such an odd time of year, celebrating the burning of witches followed six days later by burning a man on a fire before celebrating how much we love each other in front of a log fire.

So, the next time an employee mentions doing something for Halloween, don’t let your first thought be ‘Fire‘ followed by whether it’ll stand up at a tribunal.

Instead, think – Yes, let’s make this year frightfully fun!

Here are five ways for you to open the crypt and raise your business from the dead this Halloween.

1.Make your design graphic

Nothing says Halloween like pumpkins, zombies, ghosts or a drop or two of blood. One sure-fire way to let people know you’re entering into the spirit is to add some spooky graphic design to your established branding.

With your logo already in place, it won’t take much for a fab graphic designer to funk it up with some terrifyingly cool additions.

And promoting yourself in the local press with your tweaked branding reminds customers you’re there for them during the frightening festivities.

2.Post-Halloween-themed content

Time to smash some pumpkins and shove the innards through letterboxes.

Okay, maybe not. It is, however, a great time to post Halloween themed content on your website, blog and social media, just like me!

You can have lots of fun and by using simple hashtags such as – #Halloween – you could soon go viral.

And you can do this for anything.

Whether it’s Christmas or the World Cup, being in the moment keeps you current.

3. Run Halloween-themed giveaways

Everyone loves a freebie. You don’t have to give away a free car – something as simple as a pumpkin shaped chocolate with every purchase will be remembered long after it’s been eaten.

It resonates with your customers and will make them return.

Visit your local wholesalers and see what they have on offer, it’s cheaper than you think.

4. Dress up!

Whether you own a small shop or run a large office – dressing up relaxes everyone.

Working somewhere the public will see you is an advantage. Imagine the smiles, and maybe a few laughs, when customers see you dressed as a werewolf behind the counter.

Though I’d advise you to avoid dressing as Pennywise from IT!

5. Create a themed monster-trail to your door

Want people to find you and make it fun?

Why not create a themed monster trail with clues leading to your door?

This one works well with kids, makes it fun and at the end, there’s a prize waiting for the lucky winners. Announce to the local press via a Press Release and set up a monster trail (pretty much like an Easter egg hunt, but at Halloween. I had to hold back calling it a ‘Witch Hunt’.)

If you have permission from the authorities, you could even get an artist to create a scary temporary painting on the pavement outside your business – complete with zombie hands and all.

It can take time and effort, but with the help of a copywriter, the hard work is in the hands of a professional.

Which means more time for you to welcome lots of new customers.

There are many things you can do and, as mentioned above, you can create anything to match whatever theme you choose.

If you’d love to make some changes to your business, be it for Halloween, New Year, Wimbledon or something else – get a head start by contacting me today.


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