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Yippee, the New Year is around the corner, it’s easy to change because you’re motivated.
And bleurgh.
You’ll know what I’m talking about if you, like me, are currently sat behind your desk in an empty office manning the fort. Meanwhile, your colleagues are at home watching Kung Fu Panda 2.
Yes, without the requisite holidays left for me to take, I’m working between Christmas and New Year and one thing is for sure:


I haven’t had much time off since August and it’s safe to say I’m feeling bloated from Christmas and in need of a full week off.
new year, new year 2018, copywriting, graphic designIt’s the time of year we decide that we’re going to change and do something completely different – but really, how many times do we do it?
We start with good intentions, like diets.
After stuffing ourselves silly for a fortnight, the idea of eating twigs, leaves and everything green (discounting a Quality Street Triangle) as soon as the clock strikes twelve on 1st January is scary beyond belief. Personally, I find it completely unrealistic.
If you’re going to diet, choose February, it’s a shorter month.
But you know what I mean. The new year is always a time we choose to start fresh.
As the saying goes:

New Year, New You

When it comes to doing something personal such as:
  • Losing weight
  • Getting a New Job, and
  • Going to the shops
It’s easier said than done, especially with the latter because, well, online shopping takes away the faff (unless you order Ginger Ale because a supermarket will ALWAYS send you Ginger Beer, even though that stuff is clinically proven to disintegrate your internal organs).
Before we know it its mid-April and we’ve accomplished very little. All our good intentions have gone out of the window and we carry on, hoping something will change for the better but fear it won’t.

Let’s start the New Year TOGETHER

I don’t mind admitting, 2018 is the year I want to scale back my full-time job to 3 days and concentrate on you, my clients. The one thing that does motivate me, where losing weight and leaving the house to buy Ginger Ale doesn’t, is writing.
With work coming in over the Christmas period, the year is ending on a busy high, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. And I know you love what you do too, be it your own business or whether you’re an author, I know it’s your baby and you want to be a success.
It’s hard to feel motivated, even when we know we want to be, but working together is terrific because we have each others’ back.
So, here’s a thought, why not let Kayleigh and I help YOUR business in 2018?
We can write fantastic content to capture new customers in the new year as well as design some eye-catching work to make people stop in the street, be it for your business or your next book cover.
And if you act by 31st January 2018, you also receive 20% off – just quote INDEL20.


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