Are you struggling to make your business sound utterly irresistible?

Knowing how amazing you are is the first step, putting it into words is another skill entirely.

If you're pulling your hair out trying to find the right words for your homepage or print advertising, struggling to write regular blogs and articles, or just fed up with having to keep your social media up to date constantly - here's how I can help.


I'm Matthew, an ace copywriter and I write the words your customers will love.copywriting, copywriter, copywriter in liverpool, copywriter manchester, copywriter north west, indelible think, content writer, written content

The right words can:

  • Drive clients to your website
  • Make you money, and
  • Ease your stress when you already have a heavy workload

So, what can I do for you?

Take a look.


Written Content.

Web pages. Blogs & Articles. Product Descriptions. Press Releases. E-Mails. Newsletters. Whatever you need to make your business sound irresistible, I can write it.


Otherwise known as Search Engine Optimisation. With targeted keywords, search engines will fall in love with your website and boost you up the rankings.

Social Media Management.

I'll keep your finger on the pulse with regular, engaging Social Media posts. From business posts to chatty conversational posts, your followers and clients will get to know you personally.


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I've been a writer for over ten years, starting as an author, which means I know how to craft the business story you want to tell.

I studied to be a Copywriter and attained a Diploma with Distinction, learning all the things a writer should know and be offering you as part of their services.

That's what sets me apart.

Your business needs to capture the attention of your target audience.

It needs to:

  • Speak to them
  • Hit their pain points, and
  • Get into their hearts and minds

Engaging, persuasive writing makes that possible.

Here's what some fabulous clients have to say about working with me:

Izabella Fountain

Izabella Fountain

The Blossom Co.

"I asked Matt to write a blog post about my business. I gave him basic information which was followed by a very friendly phone call. As a result, I got a wonderful piece, far more than I expected.

He took time to research the subject, what we do and ensured all SEO requirements were met."
Grace Grieve

Grace Grieve

Pink Labrador PR

"As a copywriter, it's hard for me to write about my own business. I asked Matthew to proof, edit and add a little va-va-voom to a piece of my own marketing. He did an excellent job, turning it round quickly and giving it the sparkle it needed.

I will certainly be using his service again."


I'm here to make life easier for you, to unburden you and allow you to carry on with what you do best - running your fab business.

Fancy working with me?

If so, great!about, copywriter, copywriting, copywriter in liverpool, uk copywriter

I'd love to hear from you.

Call me today on 07878 464 609 or fill in the contact form below.