Jason Fox wanted to show he's more than a DJ who'll turn up and churn out the same old songs. He wanted his new homepage to emphasise that he's more than a DJ, he's also:

  • A Host, and
  • Event Planner

He wanted it to be clear that not only will he help plan an entire wedding day,  he'll help with any event.

From charity auctions to corporate functions. 

If you want your day to run smooth, Jason is the guy to do it.


The outcome was a fresh page split into separate columns to show off the full range of what Jason offers.client, clients, indelible think

From weddings to auctions and corporate events, I gave each part their separate area of the web page - making it clear and easy for visitors to read.

Sadly, since I wrote this piece, Foxxy Entertainment appears to be no longer in business - meaning this copy may never see the light of day.

However, I've posted a screenshot of my own document below.