Write a new homepage for the business. To draw in new clients - express that it isn't cheap but neither is it overly expensive. Grandesco takes the hassle of marketing off their clients' shoulders.


I wrote this page with the intention of hammering home that Grandesco offers quality service. Not only that but also that the business wasn't faceless - Gavin was to be front and centre so people looking for their services wouldn't be met with management speak from a faceless organisation.

The web page opens with a warm, welcoming video from Gavin - before getting stuck into what his customers need to know.

Afterwards, Gavin said:

Indelible Think consistently provide high-quality copy for me, covering a variety of topics, and always deliver quickly.

Matthew communicates clearly the key benefits of a product/service with a chatty style sprinkled with humour, that stands out against bland, boring copy that's sadly so prevalent on the web.

To see the rest, check out the Grandesco website - and if you're after a little marketing yourself, Gavin might be just the man to help your business.