TranscendYou is a marketing company run by Tracey Tait.

When Tracey contacted me she requested a ten-part email series promoting her free guide: '50 Questions to Spark Engagement on Social Media' followed by her more in-depth paid guide 'Marketing Made Easy'.

I spoke to Tracey by phone and we immediately hit it off, she gave me in-depth information about what she needed and followed this up by emailing everything I needed to craft the perfect emails she was after.


With so much information, and having spoken to Tracey, I got the feeling of her tone of voice straight away. By getting to know Tracey beforehand, it made this project one of the best I have done.

I wrote a ten-part e-mail series that Tracey loved and has ended up with us striking up a continuous working relationship.

This may have been the first project we worked on together, but it will be far from the last.

Afterwards, Tracey said:

I loved every minute working with Indelible Think.

Matthew is so easy to get along with, and he grasped what I wanted and needed after our initial conversation. When he said he would get drafts to me, he'd get drafts to me, and they'd always blow me away with how good they were.

From start to finish, it was simple, fun and it's clear to see that Matthew is not only a skilled wordsmith but an excellent listener.

I'm already planning our next project.