Wildsville Ltd works with some of the biggest names, and on some of the largest events imaginable. They pride themselves on their hard work and professionalism, that's why I had to put the same amount of effort into the proofread I was requested.

This project wasn't to rewrite swathes, or move things around, it was to pick up spelling and grammatical errors and help show Wildsville in an even better light.


The outcome was a more professionally worded website that tidied up grammatical errors. My role in the project wasn't to reword whole sections, it was to tidy things up and make amendments only when necessary.

Afterwards, Anna said:

Working in an industry with big names, it’s imperative that my website looks and reads as professionally as possible.

That’s why I contacted Indelible Think and requested a thorough proofread of my site. Not only was Matthew attentive, but he was also friendly and professional too.

He picked up errors I had never noticed and reworded sections, so they flowed much better than they had before.

It was a pleasure to work with Matthew and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again in the future.

Check out the Wildsville website - for some outstanding visuals.

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