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“Mummy, I want to be a freelance writer and have a pool I can fill with cash and every week I’ll take a coin bath in it and smell of metal.”

Every boy’s dream, right?

I loved writing when I was a kid. I wrote stories at school and at home. Mostly about people falling out of trees or through woodworm infested floorboards. You know, the usual.

I loved writing, so it was inevitable I’d live the dream as soon as school was out.


How I didn’t become a freelance writer.

freelance writer, copywriter, copywriting, freelance writingI hated numbers at school, I didn’t even pass my Maths GCSE until I sat it again 11 years later. Numbers just weren’t my thing.

So, there’d be no chance I’d end up working in payroll for over ten years, right?


Yes, the life of a complete freelancer, raking in oodles of cash and sipping Sangria on the beach while writing an award-winning piece of copy is yet to materialise.

Because when I left school, I stopped writing.

Daft, I know. I did other things, became ill with epilepsy, went out, played football, got sick with depression, met my first girlfriends and watched Red Dwarf.

But writing?

Nah, life was too good, or bad depending on what kind of day it was.


How I decided to become a freelance writer.

Writing, for me, ceased at 16 and didn’t start again until I was 28 when I picked up my pen and began to write for NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writers Month – and boy, did it escalate from there!

I completed the 50,000-word challenge set out by NaNoWriMo and barely stopped writing.

I then:

  • Took a creative writing course
  • Released my own eBooks
  • Started a writing group
  • Published my first paperback, and
  • Toured schools & colleges with an author workshop

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And that was before I got into copywriting, which came unexpectedly. You see, one day, I received the news I was being made redundant.

Devastating, but also an awakening.

I knew I could write, I knew I was rubbish with numbers – it was time to do something about it, it was time to become a freelance writer.

So, I studied copywriting, passed the course, received my Diploma and… stayed in payroll.

Oh well, you can’t have your cake before you’ve baked it, can you?


How I’ll master the next step.

It won’t be easy. It won’t be a barrel of laughs, but I aim to go freelance full-time.

Looking for clients, producing top-notch work and networking like a mad ferret with local businesses and creatives are on my daily agenda – but it takes time, and there will be lots of highs and lows along the way.

Life as a freelancer isn’t all coffee shops and three-day weeks, it’s about getting stuck in, producing work that blows holes in socks and separates the salt from your nuts*.

But most of all, it’s about doing great work for a client that wins them customers and makes them money.

If you’re an entrepreneur, why not get in touch?


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