Ah, networking. Many words strike fear into many a freelancer, but I’ll bet ‘networking‘ is one that makes us quake the most.

Starting out as a freelancer is scary and most of us, myself included, are more inclined to blast out a ton of e-mail shots and face rejection from a laptop monitor.

But to be successful, there’s one thing you have to do:

Start Networking

networking, copywriting, copywriter, graphic design, graphic designer, Indelible ThinkNetworking online is great. You can follow some influential people on Twitter and LinkedIn and over time wheedle your way into their consciousness. Then – hey presto – they either have work that needs doing, or if they’re a fellow creative, they may hand you a job they don’t have time to do.

I’ve done it myself and had a small amount of success.

Brilliant – we’re all going to be mega-rich and work on a laptop on a beach, and it’s all down to Twitter, LinkedIn and a few emails.

Easy, yeah?

Well, you may as well go back to your full-time job if you think that you’ve cracked it.

I’ll Admit Something…

I’m scared stiff of meeting people in public. I hate:

  • Talking about myself, and
  • Talking about what I do


  • I’m not naturally confident

But I’d like to be.

That’s why, this week,  Kayleigh and I are attending a workshop for new business start-ups.

At the moment I’m still working a full-time job around my writing, and it frustrates the hell out of me. I don’t want to be in an office until 5 pm, even if I do have a window view of the interior of Albert Dock. Yeah, it’s lovely, and I never tire of it – but my day job is about as exciting as daytime ITV on a Tuesday.

I want something else.

I want to work for myself.

And Friday’s workshop is just another step towards that dream.

It’s A Networking Gold Mine

I need to learn more about starting my own business, but there’ll be new start-ups there who might need our services. Every business needs a voice and a way to get noticed – that’s why offering content writing and graphic design is perfect for an event such as this because we can help with:

  • Websites
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Print & Digital Advertising
  • Logos
  • Branding

And more.

I’ve got my business cards ready, and I’ve been talking to myself in front of the mirror – now it’s time to put it into action.

If you’re an entrepreneur, who’d like to network right away, speak to us todayjust visit our contact page.


Matthew Drzymala, copywriter at Indelible Think

Written by Matthew Drzymala

Hey, I’m Matt, a freelance copywriter in Liverpool. I specialise in writing laid-back, chatty copy for businesses who want to sound like somebody with a pulse runs their business – not a robot.

I’m also a comedy author, when I get the bloody time!


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