Yeah, me too, and I’m the one writing this.

Well, let me explain.

Theo Paphitis is a business owner who appears on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den, and he also runs a little Twitter event every Sunday called #SBS, or to give it its full name, Small Business Sunday.

All he asks is you tweet him between a specific time about your business, and on Monday nights he announces six winners.

Still with me?


How Did Theo Paphitis Blow My Mind?

Well, you’ve probably guessed – he announced me as one of his winners!

theo paphitis, #SBS, small business sunday, copywriter, indelible think

In minutes my Twitter feed exploded with tweet after tweet of congratulations. Tweets asking me about my business. Direct messages, retweets of tweets I’d posted days ago promoting my business.

After two hours I was exhausted and struggled to go to bed due to the influx of messages.

Then – a query for work.

Blimey, a few hours in and I’d already garnered some interest in my services.

Pretty neat, huh?

But that’s not all.

What Happens Next?

Not only has it helped me reach thousands of people I never had a hope in reaching, but soon I’ll:

  • Be featured on his website
  • Receive badges to put on my website
  • Gain access to the #SBS winners Twitter hour, and
  • Be invited to attend an event in London in 2020 to pick up a certificate and meet the man himself

Well, if Game of Thrones hadn’t been breathtaking enough that night, being announced as an #SBS winner completely took my breath away.

Oh, and here’s my winners badge:

#SBS, Small Business Sunday, Theo Paphitis, Dragon's Den, copywriter, freelance copywriter

And the whole thing is down to this little tweet I hoped would catch his eye, but never really expected to:

theo paphitis, #SBS, small business sunday, copywriter, indelible think

I’m not one for congratulatory self-promotion but, well, bugger it, stuff like this never happens to me!

Gotta celebrate the highs!

Until next time,


Matthew Drzymala, copywriter at Indelible Think

Written by Matthew Drzymala

Hey, I’m Matt, a freelance copywriter in Liverpool. I specialise in writing laid-back, chatty copy for businesses who want to sound like somebody with a pulse runs their business – not a robot.

I’m also a comedy author, when I get the bloody time!


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