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Adam, Robert, Lisa, Matthew.

That’s what me Mum calls me when she says my name.

It’s a curious thing being called all of your siblings’ names before she gets to yours.

Once she called me Beth (my niece btw).

“Matthew,” I usually say before she gets to my name, just in case she starts going through my cousins’ names too.

But what the hell am I rambling on about?

Well, in my recent blog post ‘7 Ways To Master Short Copy‘, I talked about being direct and telling people who you are and what you do without all the fluff.

Here, I want to explore that further.


How cutting the fluff helps people find you.

writing copy, copywriter, freelance copywriter, bsuiness

Getting to the point of what you’re called is vital for your business.

On LinkedIn, I call myself a:

✔️ Copywriter
✔️ Content Writer
✔️ Author
✔️ Educational Workshop Presenter

It covers everything I do for my business, including my work as an author and an educational workshop presenter.

I could call myself a:

✖️ Word Technician
✖️ Content Constructor
✖️ Fictional World Storyteller
✖️ Talker of Stuff

However, I don’t.

I make it plain, simple and to the point.


Because you have to use the words your customers are using to find you.

Whether it’s on LinkedIn, Google, Facebook or whatever, your customers are searching for your job title in need of your expertise.

Going back to the ‘7 Ways To Master Short Copy‘ post, I mention if you’re a Wedding DJ, be proud of what you are. Calling yourself a Matrimonial Audio Technician, on the other hand, only leads to confusion.

Nobody calls a Wedding DJ a Matrimonial Audio Technician, and if they do, why!?


How using proper names and titles help your SEO.

Using a left-field name or title nobody uses may make you look a bit ‘edgy‘. And you may be the only person who shows up on Google when you search that keyword, but most of your potential customers and clients will be searching for your proper title.

Use it throughout your website. It’ll increase your SEO ranking and will help people find you.writing copy, copywriter, freelance copywriter, bsuiness


✔️ Painter and Decorator


✖️ Wall Solution Colourist and Paper Pasting Guru



Are you telling people what they need to know?

If not, go through your website and social media and change it to what you do.

I make a living writing copy, so I’m a copywriter or a content writer.

Letter connecting word wizard may sound like I’d have lots of fun wearing a hat with drawings of pencils and lightning flashes on it, but ain’t no-one searching that.

If customers can’t find you, you’re throwing away business, if they can, well, there’s more chance of growing your client base.

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And as for me Mum going through everybody’s names before mine?

Well, I think we all go through that at some point – luckily I’m her son, so she doesn’t have to Google my name. Give her twenty-minutes and she’ll get there in the end.

Until next time,


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