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Blog posts for a design & branding agency.

What I was asked to do.

Having worked with The Good Alliance on a large client project, they asked me to write for them too, as my laid-back, chatty tone of voice fitted their own.

The outcome

Cat at The Good Alliance writes in a very chatty TOV and needed someone on board to lighten her heavy workload.

Here’s one example, and you’ll find more at the foot of this post too. 

I’ve worked with The Good Alliance a lot, and now work more extensively on their social media, but for more examples of the articles I’ve written, click the links below: 

1. Coaches: Here’s why you should put prices on your website

2. 5 reasons why customers leave your website

3. How to choose your coaching niche

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Reliable, talented and good humoured – Matt has quickly cemented himself as one of our favourite copywriters. 

I don’t trust many people to write content the way I do, but Matt hits it out of the park every time. 

My only hesitation in recommending him is that he’ll have less time available to work with me!

Cat Townsend, The Good Alliance

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