Ethan approached me as he didn't feel his homepage was sending the right message. He wanted it to be more customer-focused and to showcase his services better.


A cusotmer-driven homepage that explains what he offers and how it benefits the lives of his customers.

Ethan has since opted to use his own strapline, which is:

We help early-stage businesses be the best of who they are by crafting creative solutions.

However, I've used mine to showcase thefull work.

Working with Ethan was amazing, he asked questions and understood why I did certain things.

Afterwards he left me a lovely bit of feedback:

I had the pleasure to work with Matt for the copywriting of my website. He did a great job with the homepage and I'm planning to keep working with him for the rest of the pages too.

Matt is super responsive, kind, and professional, but the best thing is that he always answers all your questions with the aim of being helpful and explain the reason behind every decision.

I will definitely work with him in the future for both personal and client projects.

Thanks, man!"