Brand Voice Consultant

Get a new and improved tone of voice for your brand

Every brand needs a distictive tone of voice

Letting your personality run wild, using humour, being witty and sounding down-to-earth and human is what connects with your audience and makes you memorable.

I’m a brand voice consultant, and I can help you get your tone of voice guidelines in place.

Do It Yourself

For solo entrepreneurs, start-ups & small businesses

You don’t have to pay me to write for you, instead I’ll send you the documents I use to unearth your tone of voice.

When you’re done, you’ll have guidelines that’ll make it easy to keep your tone the same across your:

  • Website
  • Social media
  • Articles
  • Emails/Newsletters
  • Ads

Great if you want to create a tone of voice without paying full whack to work with me.

Price: £395

Do It Together

For hands-on brands that love to get involved

Work with me over one or two sessions as we go through you your new brand voice development process together

Unlike the DIY option, you get my knowledge, tips and advice that help you really understand your:

  • Brand personality
  • Messaging
  • Target audience
  • Competitors
  • Value Proposition

When we’re done, you’ll have brand guidelines, examples and templates that make it easy for anyone to write your copy.

From: £2,000

Done For You

For busy brands that are short on time

Jump on a 90-to-120 video call, answer my questions and I’ll have everything I need to create your new tone of voice guidelines.

I’ll also write the following:

  • 1x Blog post
  • 1x Social media post
  • 1x Email/Newsletter

These will get your new messaging off to a great start.

And to make sure your messaging stays on-brand, you get a 90-minute presentation of your new tone of voice guidelines and how to use them – how great is that?

From: £4,000

Do you really need tone of voice guidelines?

Absolutely, yes.

Putting brand guidelines in place keeps your message, style and tone of voice consistent.

The result: you get a strong brand identity that connects with your audience and makes sure you don’t blend in with the rest of the marketing noise.

Still unsure if you need brand voice guidelines?

No probs!

Check out my article, Why your brand tone of voice is important.


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Who needs a brand voice consultant?

These guys, they needed tone of voice consultancy.

“Matt totally gets our chatty tone of voice. And no job is too much trouble for him.
He’s incredible.”

Jamie Sheldon


“Matt helped me to create a chatty tone of voice for my website, press releases and podcast script.”

René Gruss

Klassic KOOL

“Matt turns around hilarious, chatty pun-tastic pieces for Dragon Soop dead fast.

Caroline Constable

Clink Creative

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