5 great chatty style writing examples in advertising

Writing in a chatty way isn’t easy, especially when you’re close to your business.

You can get too bogged down with explaining what you do to the point you start going too far down the track of over-explaining. And when that happens, your tone of voice can get duller with every word.

In that case, you’ll need some chatty style writing examples to stop you from doing that.


5 fantastic chatty style writing examples you see in advertising

Here are five examples of chatty writing that puts the content creation by these brands on another level:


One. Oatly

Example: “It’s like milk, but made for humans. Packed with amazing oats instead of udders. Wow, no cow!

chatty writing style writing

Source: Oatly’s packaging and advertising materials.

Analysis: Oatly’s ads are written in a conversational tone that speaks directly to their customers. Also, by highlighting their product as an alternative to milk with humour (“Wow, no cow!“), they appeal to modern consumers looking for Vegan options.


Two. Dollar Shave Club

Example:Our Blades Are F***ing Great. Buy Dollar Shave Club blades. They’re great. They’re f***ing great.

conversational copy style

Source: Dollar Shave Club’s viral video advertisement.

Analysis: Dollar Shave Club is known for its edgy, humorous advertising style. This bold statement grabs attention and cuts through the noise.

It makes you stop and read it cos they couldn’t be saying that, right?

Writing in a conversational style close to unacceptable without crossing the line means it appeals to an audience that appreciates straightforward, no-nonsense communication.


Three. Spotify

Example:Music for every moment. Play, discover and share for free.

chatty writing example

Source: Spotify’s promotional materials and website.

Analysis: Spotify’s advertising uses a casual and inviting tone, encouraging users to integrate music into their daily lives. They make playing, discovering and sharing music sound dead easy.

They don’t complicate anything. They keep it simple and human to make their service feel accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


Four. Innocent

Example: “Tastes good, does good. Since we started innocent, we’ve tried to do more than make delicious drinks—we want to leave things better than we find them. That’s why we give 10% of our profits to charity every year and constantly strive to be a more sustainable business.”

chatty style writing

Source: Innocent Drinks’ website.

Analysis: If I asked you to name one brand that writes in a chatty tone, I bet you’d think of Innocent – and you’d be right.

For their ‘do good’ campaign, Innocent continued with their usual friendly and straightforward tone to create a sense of trust and simplicity. Mentioning charitable contributions and sustainability efforts adds a personal touch, making the brand feel responsible and caring.

If you want your business copy to sound more like Innocent, check out my article, How to write copy like Innocent Drinks.


Five. Airbnb

Example: “Belong anywhere. Whether you’re looking for a night’s stay or a new neighbourhood, you’ll feel at home with Airbnb.”

chatty writing style

Source: Airbnb’s global branding campaign.

Analysis: Airbnb’s slogan, Belong Anywhere, makes travelling sound more inclusive and personal. They use a conversational and inviting tone to create a sense of community and belonging, encouraging travellers to feel at home no matter where they are.

It’s a gentle tone that’s just delicately chatty and warm.



Need help creating your chatty writing style?

If you fancy having a crack at your own chatty style writing, check out 15 Ways to Write in a Chatty Tone of Voice (with examples).

Or, if you need help with it from scratch, sign up for my Tone of Voice Consultancy. I’ll help you create Brand Voice Guidelines so everything you write sounds like you.

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Written by Matt Drzymala

Hey, I’m Matt, a chatty tone of voice copywriter in Liverpool. I specialise in writing laid-back, fun or conversational copy for businesses that want to sound like somebody with a pulse runs their business, not a robot – like my dream client, Beano, who I worked with in 2023.

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