Chatty Tone of Voice

Make your business sound a little more like you.

Is a chatty tone of voice unprofessional?


All it means is your business sounds like you. You don’t have to swear or use words you wouldn’t use when talking to your customers in person or over the phone.

It doesn’t suit every industry, but if it suits yours – go for it.

Why wouldn’t you want to sound like you – you’re friggin’ awesome!

The laid-back copywriter.

It’s normal to feel anxious about changing to a conversational tone of voice. But it doesn’t mean you have to chuck in a load of swear words – or make yourself sound like you’re 19 when you’re actually 45.

A chatty tone of voice adds your voice and personality to your business.

And that’s what’s gonna attract customers to you like flies round plop.

Chatty work examples.

Dragon Soop is a great example of a client with laid-back tone of voice.

They ask me to to write regular blog posts about their latest sponsorship deals.

And I don’t say no.

This example is one from 2019 and is about their sponsorship of the ‘Pig Wrestlers’ Rugby 7’s team – and they wanted a load of pig puns.

You might think that’s hogwash.

It isn’t.

You can find more examples of my work for Dragon Soop on my Portfolio.


Found Dragon Soop a bit too on the nose?

DBop! is a prime example of a chatty tone of voice that has the perfect mix of chatty and professional copy.

Even though I’ve used sayings like, ‘kicking-ass’ and ‘pretty damn clever’, they’re neither out of place or make the content unprofessional.

It’s bang on!


Let your customers hear your voice.

When you write in a chatty tone of voice, you make your customers feel like you understand their problems – and they want to deal with someone who can do that.

You can:

  • Give ’em a smooth, hassle-free coach service from Inverness to Yeovil
  • Yank a tooth out faster and cheaper than Jimmy ‘The Bastard Butcher’ Dentisto
  • Change their lives with new-fangled undies you can wear for four days straight

Be too rigid and you’ll sound bland and forgettable.

Be understanding, empathetic and, well, you and people will want what you have to offer.

Matthew turns pieces around at short notice & follows the brief so well the first drafts are practically spot on in terms of content & tone of voice.

Matthew is very professional & communicates well.

I can highly recommend him as a wordsmith.

Caroline Constable, Clink Creative

(on behalf of Dragon Soop)

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