Helping your words sparkle.

Not everybody wants or needs something writing from scratch.

That's what makes my consultancy service so popular.

You can opt for my:

  • Website Review, or
  • Tone of Voice


They're cheaper than a full rewrite and still help the words on your website sparkle!

If you're unable to find the service you're looking for above, let me know - I'm sure I can do it.

Website Review

If you're unhappy with your current website and feel it needs a professional writer to look over it, a Website Review is the service for you.

Pick 5 web pages from your site and I'll:

  • Tweak the wording and improve spelling and grammar
  • Correct errors
  • Provide a list of SEO keywords
  • Make suggestions on what else you can do to improve your pages

This is not a full rewrite service, I'll send you a report on every page, improve wording where I can and give you advice on how you can improve it further,

Price starts at £399

Tone of Voice

You've got to sound genuine, honest and, above all, like a human.

I'll spend time talking to you, listening to the words you use and the passion for your business. This helps me craft the ideal tone of voice for your business and I can then advise you on:

  • How you can change your current wording
  • How to implement SEO without it sounding forced

All of which can make you stand out and attract the attention of customers who want to spend their money on you.

Price starts at £199

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"Matthew turned some of our ramblings into on-point copy for our new business - making some rather dry material rather punchy, and it's really paying off for us in the comms that carry it.

He was a quick, conscientious and wasn't satisfied until we were.


Tim Craig - mChain

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