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What is content writing?

Content writing is the stuff you fill your website and marketing with. So, blog posts, case studies, newsletters and all that jazz. Prices are a guide, I tend to add little discounts on multiple projects and tend to negotiate sometimes depending on budget.

Blog Posts

Looking for posts between 500-800-words. Or something more in-depth of 1,500 and over?

That’s cool, I can write articles on all sorts for you.

Price: Click Here


Send regular newsletter updates to your subscribers? Or want to set up an email flow or course?

These things take ages, so why not let me take care of them?

Price from: £125

Case Studies

If you really want to showcase how kick-ass your business is, do it with incredible case studies.

Let’s give ’em some real, actual proof of how what you do works!

Price from: £395

Social Media Posts

Want to start posting more on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (not calling it X)?

Then your content has to be so incredible, it makes people stop and read.

Price: To be discussed

Everything else

I offer loads of other content writing services, including Product Descriptions, Press Releases, Slogans, Jingles – and more.

If you want to work with me on a retainer, we can also discuss a monthly fee. Or you can buy out a block of my time at an hourly or daily rate.

To see what’s involved, including contracts, deposits and more, visit my How It Works page.

Should I hire a content writer?

These people answered yes and they’re glad they did:

I don’t trust many people to write content the way I do but Matt hits it out of the park everytime.”

Cat Townsend

The Good Alliance

“When I needed support for a client with a chatty tone of voice, Matt sprung to mind immediately!”

Dave Harland

The Word Man

“Matt turns around hilarious, chatty pun-tastic pieces for Dragon Soop dead fast.

Caroline Constable

Clink Creative

Make your life dead easy

No faff

No more tedium of hiring, onboarding, training and retaining staff – a freelancer is faster and cheaper.

More eyeballs

Get people to stop and look at your marketing and you can turn them into customers.

More sales

More customers means more sales. You’re in business to make money. Don’t let it pass you by.

Sound mint

You’re mint, so let me help you stamp your personality all over your website, social and branding.

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