Looking for an experienced copywriter for coaches?

Look no further.

Whether you’re a life coach, mental health therapist or business coach, I write warm, empathic copy that makes your target stop and read everything you have to say.

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Incredible copywriting for therapists and life coaches

When you’re suffering a career, confidence or mental health crisis, it takes real strength to look and find a coach you can trust.

So, if you’re a life coach or therapist struggling to find clients you can help, speak to me.

Having had depression, anxiety and intrusive thoughts for years, therapy changed my life (that’s post-therapy me pictured). Having written for dozens of consultants in the health and wellness industry, it’s hard to find a more experienced copywriter for coaches than me.

I know how to write content that makes your clients feel safe and heard.

You change lives. You changed mine, which is why I help therapists and coaches reach as many people as possible.

How can I help your coaching business?

Here are my four most popular services:

SEO Website Copywriting

Struggling to write stuff that is clear about what you do and the results you get on your website and landing pages?

Don’t worry, I can fix it.

Content Writing

Fed up with people not opening your emails and newsletters, liking your social posts or reading your blog posts?

Chin up, speak to me.

Website Copy Audit

If you want to breathe new life into your existing copy and SEO, try my website copy audit.

It’s faster and cheaper than a full rewrite!

Brand Voice Consultancy

Whether you need new tone of voice guidelines. Or you’re struggling to implement existing ones you’ve done, I can help.

TOV is my speciality.

Do I need a health & wellness copywriter?

These people did, and they didn’t regret hiring a copywriter for coaches:

“Matt quickly cemented himself as my favourite mental health copywriter.

I don’t trust many people to write content for our coaching clients.”

Cat Townsend

The Good Alliance

“Matt is a true professional who communicates in a clear, friendly way.

He is a warm, genuine person who really cares about his clients.”

Andy MacArthur

NLP Therapist & Coach

“Matt gave me advice and great words that reflect me and how I work.

My site now sounds professional, warm – and a lot more human.”

Anise Bullimore

Resillience Coach

Work with an experienced copywriter for coaches

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