When you’re looking for a copywriter, one of the first things you’ll do is type “Copywriter near me” into Google.

And that’s cool.

But does working with a local writer actually matter?

copywriter near me


Why choose a “Copywriter near me”?

There are lots of reasons to choose a writer who lives local, including:


One. They’ll sound more like you

If your audience is very much local, they’ll be able to write how you sound.

This means they’ll be able to include all those local colloquialisms that really make you stand out. And even if your audience is wider than that, your local marketing can be tailored to include the type words or sayings not said anywhere else.


Two. You can meet them face-to-face*

Emails, phone calls and Zoom chats are okay, but they’re no substitute for meeting somebody in the flesh.

copywriter near me, copywriter in manchester

Meeting in person allows you to strike up a real relationship with a writer. After all, they’re there to help your business out so it makes sense if they can come in and get a feel for who you are and what you’re about.

*Obviously, during COVID times this is pretty much off the table, but when it’s not…


Three. They’ll know local freelancers who can help you

Sometimes, getting a copywriter near you just isn’t enough.

If you need a web designer or a graphic designer, most freelance copywriters will know a bucket load of local people who can help with your project. Copywriters work with other freelancers all the time, so if your new website copy could do with going on a website that doesn’t look like it was made in 2003, they’ll know someone!


Four. You’re supporting local businesses

Which means you’re helping your neighbours thrive.

copywriter near me, freelance copywriter in liverpool

Not just your copywriter, but all those cafes you might grab a coffee in to discuss your project. It all has a knock-on effect. But one of the most surprising benefits of choosing local is carbon emissions.

Your local copywriter is likely to be a small business owner which means they have a lower carbon footprint than a large, out of town creative agency spanning two floors of a converted warehouse that has a TV playing on mute in the lobby. If you’re looking to add a low-carbon emitting collaborator to your green supply chain, you can’t get much greener than a solo freelance copywriter.

But even with all that in mind, is staying local really necessary?

Is local necessary?

The answer is: Yes and no.

Really, when it comes down to it, it depends on what you need them for. You might not have a local writer who specialises in your industry. Or you might want to work with a national agency that has everything under one roof.

If you’re based in Manchester and looking for a copywriter in Manchester, great. But if you’re happy with one from Aberdeen, as long as they get what’s so great about your business and can capture it perfectly, that’s all that matters. For most jobs, it doesn’t matter where you and the writer are based, it’s about picking the writer who is the ideal fit for you.

If you find them by whamming ‘Copywriter near me’ into Google, even better!

Your local copywriter.

Due to the pandemic and the increase in video calling, the world has got a whole lot smaller. And a local copywriter doesn’t just mean someone who lives in the same city or county. It can mean the same country or continent. If you’re looking for a writer who takes time to get to know you and writes about all sorts of stuff, like:

  • Sustainability
  • On-pack marketing labels
  • Linkedin ads
  • Drink driving
  • Activism
  • Recruitment
  • Wedding cars
  • Coaching
  • Waste management
  • Boilers

Or something else entirely, give me a shout.

Get in touch and see what I can do for your business.

Until next time,


PS. Whether local or not, if you’re looking to save time by getting somebody else to write stuff for you, check out 10 reasons to outsource your blog posts.

Matthew Drzymala, copywriter at Indelible Think

Written by Matthew Drzymala

Hey, I’m Matt, a freelance copywriter in Liverpool. I specialise in writing laid-back, chatty copy for businesses who want to sound like somebody with a pulse runs their business – not a robot.

I’m also a comedy author, when I get the bloody time!


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