What I do and how much it costs

Types of copywriting services to choose from

Whether you need help with you tone of voice, website copy, blog posts, newsletters, a quick copy audit or content strategy, I’ve got something that’ll add pop! whizz! bang! to your website and marketing, whatever your budget.

Brand Voice Consultant

Getting your tone of voice right isn’t easy, so you need a brand voice expert like me.

Website Copywriting

Make your business impossible to ignore, like it’s just been buffed with a brand new shammy.

Content Writing

For articles, newsletters, case studies, product descriptions and all that jazz.

Content Strategy

Put a strong blog, social media & newsletter content strategy in place.

1:1 Consultancy Chinwag

Use my expertise and advice to set your goals and hold yourself accountable.

Website Copy Audit

Breathe new life into your existing copy and SEO with my website copy booster audit.

Do I need to hire a copywriter?

These awesome people did, and here is what they said:

Matt totally gets our chatty tone of voice. And no job is too much trouble for him.
He’s incredible.

Jamie Sheldon


“We’re super happy we found Matt. He delivers content that’s smart, witty and fits our chatty TOV.”

Corina Bohlender


“Matt was very helpful and patient and knew exactly what I wanted. I’d recommend using him!”

Carys Pritchard

Photography by Carys

Why you need my website copywriting services

No faff

No more tedium of hiring, onboarding, training and retaining staff – a freelancer is faster and cheaper.

More eyeballs

Get people to stop and look at your marketing and you can turn them into customers.

More sales

More customers means more sales. You’re in business to make money. Don’t let it pass you by.

Sound mint

You’re mint, so let me help you stamp your personality all over your website, social and branding.

Wanna work with a chatty brand copywriter?

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