Why do I need a copywriter?

You run a business, but you’ve never hired a copywriter.

And there are many reasons why that might be, like:


  • Your business is raking it in, so you don’t need one
  • They’re out of your price range
  • You don’t know what they actually do


I’ve heard all kinds of reasons why people don’t use them, but if your business isn’t raking it in and you’re struggling to reach customers, here’s the thing: the quality of your current writing and messaging is impacting your reach.

Which brings back to a crucial question you keep asking yourself: “Why do I need a copywriter?

To answer this fully, let’s explore what a copywriter is, what they do and why you might benefit from hiring one.


What is a copywriter?

why do i need a copywriter

In the simplest way possible, a copywriter writes things like website pages, ads, and product descriptions to motivate people to take action.

The writing is less informative and more sharp, concise and to the point, so the message is clear and understandable.


Are copywriters also content writers?

Kind of.

Yes and no, it depends.

The answer to that one is in my article, Copywriter vs Content Writer: What’s the Difference.


What does a copywriter do?

So, you know they write words to motivate the reader, but how?

A copywriter:


One. Writes in a persuasive way

Copywriters write stuff that persuades and influences people.

We understand how to make a product’s or service’s benefits sound irresistible and create a sense of urgency that makes the reader drool and want whatever it is we’re writing about RIGHT NOW!


Two. Creates Engaging Content

Persuasion happens with storytelling, and storytelling is flippin’ engaging as heck!

Copywriters know how to craft copy that keeps people reading — like that book you can’t put down.


Three. Knows their SEO onions

By incorporating SEO in (almost) everything they write, they’re geniuses at getting traffic heading to your website.

To make SEO improvements yourself, check this out: 24 awesome ways to optimise your SEO for blog posts.


Four. Maintains a consistent brand voice

A copywriter ensures consistency in your brand’s voice and message across all platforms. 

We understand your brand’s tone, values and target audience so we can create consistent-sounding content that resonates with your customers and reinforces your brand identity.

For more about brand voice, check out: What is tone of voice?


So, why do I need a copywriter?

Okay, I’m getting to it! (hehe!)

do I need a copywriter

Now you know what one is and how they write, here are 7 reasons why you need a copywriter:


One. Keeps you on top of content creation

Even if you work with a copywriter on your website, it’s a good idea to get them to work on other things too, like:


  • Social media posts
  • Newsletters
  • Press Releases
  • Adverts
  • Emails


Doing your job can take up a lot of your team, so your marketing can fall by the wayside.

A copywriter keeps your content regular and fresh and maintains your presence with current and potential clients.

The demand for fresh, relevant content is constant. A copywriter can help you meet this demand by consistently producing high-quality content. This is especially important for maintaining an active online presence and staying competitive in your industry.


Two. You’re too close to your business

When you’re too close to your business, you write in a way that you understand, but it doesn’t mean your audience will. You can lose sight of what’s in it for your customers and instead talk more about how great your business is.

You’ve got to think about your reader first – every time.

When you run a business, that message can become clouded dead fast.


Three. Increases leads and sales

Whether it’s a:


  • Call to action on a landing page
  • Product Description
  • Email campaign


A copywriter can help increase your inbound leads and convert those ‘Maybe, I’ll think about it‘ customers into ‘Yes, please‘ customers.

Pretty cool, right?


Four. Helps you adapt content to different formats

Did you realise, for example, that one blog post can be turned into video scripts, multiple social media posts, newsletter content – and loads more?

Copywriters can take your material and adapt their writing style to different formats and platforms, ensuring that your message is still recognisable as yours, no matter where people see it.


Five. Makes you look dead professional

Well-written content a professional freelance copywriter has taken time over will have incredible attention to detail weaved throughout. Knocking something up between meetings is likely to be poorly written and littered with errors.

Putting duff stuff out could really damage your good name.


Six. Your time and energy are needed elsewhere

Writing content takes time and effort.

As a business owner or manager, your time is valuable, so hiring a copywriter lets you focus on your job.


Seven. You’re not a copywriter

Yep, anyone can write.

But could you write a homepage explains:


  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who it’s for
  • The benefits for the customer
  • The pain points they’re struggling with


All in a way that flows as naturally as possible?

Chances are it’s a no.

And that’s not being horrible.

Anyone can write.

But copywriting is a skill that takes years to hone.


How do you work with a copywriter?

Well, you find one that’s right for you.

That might be me or it might not.

It doesn’t matter, as long as you pick one perfect for your project.

Sure, you could do it yourself, but hiring a professional copywriter might be the best investment you ever make.

So, if after all this, you’re answering the question, “Why do I need a copywriter?” with “Because I’d be crazy not to!” check out my work on my Portfolio page or see what I cost on my Services and Pricing page.

Until next time,


chatty tone of voice copywriter

Written by Matt Drzymala

Hey, I’m Matt, a chatty tone of voice copywriter in Liverpool. I specialise in writing laid-back, fun or conversational copy for businesses that want to sound like somebody with a pulse runs their business, not a robot – like my dream client, Beano, who I worked with in 2023.

If you want to see more of my stuff, check me out daily on LinkedIn.

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