Dragon Soop

Pun-tastic blog posts for a Scottish drinks brand.

The project.

Dragon Soop articles are amazing to write. They request upbeat, fun blog posts with personality and, when possible, puns. Based in Scotland, they’re a brand aimed at a younger demographic and ask for a chatty tone of voice

The outcome.

Fun, announcement-style Dragon Soop articles in a chatty tone. Below is one for The Pig Wrestlers, a Rugby 7’s team. I was asked to include as many pig puns as possible – and I went the whole hog.

dragon soop articles
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Matthew turns pieces around at short notice and follows the brief so well the first drafts are practically spot on in terms of content and tone of voice.

He’s very professional, communicates well and I’d recommend him hight to anybody looking for a tone of voice copywriter.

Caroline Constable, Clink Creative (on behalf of Dragon Soop)