Fiona Ross Coaching

Writing for a men’s life coaching website.

What I was asked to do.

Fiona requested short, concise copy which spoke to men. And as a female coach, she wanted to make sure they trusted her over one of her male colleagues.

The outcome

Fiona’s homepage needed to cover everything she does without being *too* in-depth. Then, use her internal pages to hammer home her message (you can find a selection of these at the foot of the homeage below).

Note: The word ‘solutions’ is the only part I advised against as I find this word a bit vague. 

Want to see the full job?

Then head over to Fiona’s website.

copywriter in liverpool, the good alliance, cat, testimonial

Reliable, talented and good humoured – Matt has quickly cemented himself as one of our favourite copywriters.

I don’t trust many people to write content the way I do, but Matt hits it out of the park every time. My only hesitation in recommending him is that he’ll have less time available to work with me!

Cat Townsend, The Good Alliance

(On behalf of Fiona Ross)

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