Google Ads Copy

and accompanying landing page for ClickBOOST ad campaign

Google Ads Copy & Landing page project

Gordon from ClickBoost has worked with me several times. For this project, I was asked to write Google ads copy and a landing page to get people to move from ad agencies who take your money, do very little and aren’t guilty about you doing most of the work.

The outcome

ClickBoost got a striking Google ad with an opening sentence guaranteed to make people stop and read: Are you wasting money on a Google Ads Agency?

It’s unexpected, bold and makes the reader wonder if they are wasting money on their ad agency.

The rest explains what they can do and how they’re different, all in a dead chatty, approachable tone of voice.

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For the landing page, ClickBOOST asked for something that complimented the advert, but didn’t directly copy everything from it. It needed to expand on what they do, and on the tone of voice, keeping it’s boldness but also being fun and playful.

They also wanted to mention how they squeeze every penny out of a campaign, so their clients get value for money. And they wanted fun button copy to keep people awake and not bored with generic ‘Sign Up‘ or ‘Buy Now‘ messages.

google ad copywriting

Honestly, the page is MASSIVE and it’d take waaay too long to load here, so to check out the full project and why Gordon loves using me as his Google Ads copywriter, head to the ClickBOOST Google Ad Campaign page.

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I was browsing a directory site for copywriters and wasn’t very impressed by the samey profiles. Matt’s profile was different from all the rest. His opening line stopped me in my tracks, reached out and grabbed me by the (eye)balls.

Grabbing your target audience’s attention is the most important aspects of digital advertising. If you can’t get people’s attention, you can’t attract them to your website which means you can’t sell them your product or service.

So far I have worked with Matt on several copywriting projects and he always delivers the goods.

Gordon Campbell, ClickBOOST