If your ad campaigns aren’t converting, work with a Google Ads Copywriter

You’ve got seconds to get someone to click on your Facebook or Google Ad. So your ad message has got to be packed with POP! WHIZZ! BANG! awesomeness.

If yours isn’t, maybe I can help.

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Do I need a Google Ads copywriter?

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, every penny and customer counts when you run a business.

One way to get more customers is to create top-notch Facebook or Google Ad campaigns.

Do it right, and you’ll:

  • Send a flood of traffic to your website
  • Compel people to buy your stuff or work with you
  • Turn them into loyal customers (woohoo!)

To do that, you need a Google Ads copywriter like me.

Every word I write is infused with the same incredible POP! WHIZZ! BANG! energy you experienced the first time you chucked popping candy into your mouth as a kid.

Why should you invest in Google Ads copywriting?

Gordon did and he’s never regretted it, look:

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I was browsing a directory site for copywriters and wasn’t very impressed by the samey profiles. Matt’s profile was different from all the rest. His opening line stopped me in my tracks, reached out and grabbed me by the (eye)balls.

Grabbing your target audience’s attention is the most important aspects of digital advertising. If you can’t get people’s attention, you can’t attract them to your website which means you can’t sell them your product or service.

I’ve worked with Matt on several copywriting projects and he always delivers the goods.

Gordon Campbell, ClickBOOST

Hey, I’m Matt, and I write kick-ass Google & Facebook Ads for my clients!

Your ads should just drop through to a standard webpage, they need to go directly to a dedicated, one-of-a-kind landing page that sells your product or service to your target audience.

Work with me, and you’ll not only get an ad your customers will be dying to click, but when they do, they’ll find landing page copy that persuades and compels them to take action.

Stop losing sales and start getting more traffic, leads and sales from your marketing ads.

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