How to create LinkedIn carousel posts

Do you know how to create LinkedIn carousel posts? If not, well, you’re probably missing out on loads of potential customers.

But how do you create LinkedIn carousel posts?

Honestly, it’s dead easy – and I’m going to show you how.


How to create LinkedIn carousel posts in 5 easy steps

Carousel posts are probably the most underutilised features on LinkedIn. Sure, you’ll find a shitload of videos, images and links, but carousel posts?

Not so much.

So, if you’ve got something new to say. Or you’ve got loads of content you’d love to repurpose (see my article, 7 great ways to repurpose your blog posts), here’s how:


One. Create a Canva account

The first step when you want to create LinkedIn carousel posts is to get the images you need. And the easiest and fastest way is with a Canva account.

how to create linkedin carousel posts

That’s it.

That’s tip one.


Two. Select your image size

Size matters.

linkedin carousel posts

You’re going to want your carousel images to look good and fit nicely, so I’d choose one of two options here, either:

A. An Instagram post size of 1080 x 1080 px


instagram post size image


B. A LinkedIn post size of 1200 x 1200 px


Either is fine.

And eh voilà, you’ve got the beginnings of your template:

how to create linkedin carousel posts


Three. Start creating your masterpiece

Yep, here’s where you start to add your branding and whatever it is you want to say.

This is where the real fun begins – and I’m going to show you how to make your Linkedin carousel posts really stand out. And to do that, I’m going to use my article, How to write creative product descriptions.

First, I need to create my header image:

linkedin carousel posts

Adding the title and my website address is all well and good, but it looks boring. You need to give your readers a prompt to read on, and you do this by clicking the ‘Elements’ tab and adding arrows or images that compliment your branding and overlap onto the following slide.

Like this:

Here, I’ve added a lightbulb and an arrow to the first slide and positioned them to the right. And to make sure these line up on the next slide, you have to duplicate the slide, copy and paste your image and drag them to the left.

And to make sure they align, Canva has rulers which show you exactly where your other image is placed.

They also make your carousel that little bit more visually appealing instead of it just being pages of text.

Swap out the headline with your helpful content, and this is what you get:

And do the same throughout until you end up with something like this:

Pretty cool, right?


Four. Save your creation

But not as a PNG or JPG!

linkedin carousel posts

While LinkedIn lets you post images, you can’t use them in a carousel post. To do that, you need to save your images in Canva as a PDF.


I’ll repeat it, a PDF.

LinkedIn does let you post images, but they need to be in document form for carousel posts.

Bonus tip: If you save it as a PNG or JPG, you can use it on Instagram, woohoo!


Five. Post it on LinkedIn

Yep, once saved, you’re ready to post.

create linkedin carousel posts


To do that, when you start writing a post, click the ‘Add a document’ button to attach your slides:

linkedin carousel posts

Then you type your post and unleash your helpfulness on the world:

That’s it – you’ve done it!


Ready to create LinkedIn carousel posts?

Well, now you know how to create LinkedIn carousel posts, go for it!

I’m not a whizz with images, but Canva makes it dead easy. Just play around with it and give yourself time to make mistakes. It’s all part of the fun.

Or, if you really can’t get your head around it, get in touch to see if I can help.

Until next time

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