In-Home Care

A 24-page rewrite for a domiciliary care agency.

What I was asked to do.

In-Home Care wanted to revamp their 24-page website, I was approached to write persuasive copy which would appeal to potential patients, families, carers and investors.

The outcome

There’s far too much to share, so I’ve stuck with the homepage. It hits the right balance of giving potential customers all the information they need, while touching on services for those looking to become a carer or invest in a franchise.

In-Home Care do a wonderful, vital job and were the type of client you just love to work with.

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To view the full work, please visit the In-Home Care website.

Matthew consistently provides high-quality copy for me, covering a variety of topics, and always delivers quickly.

He communicates the key benefits of a service in a chatty style, sprinkled with humour, that stands out against bland, boring copy that’s sadly so prevalent on the web.

Gavin Harris, Grandesco

(on behalf of In-Home Care)