The Life Coach Directory

Website copy for the best place to find a coach.

The project.

Heather wanted to create a directory that only allows coaches who fit certain criteria. Everyone is a coach these day, so how to use the website needed to be clear for people looking for a coach. And it needed to be obvious how a coach signs up to join.

Her message was clear: only the best coaches get on the Life Coach Directory.

The outcome.

This was only a 3-page website, but it was a joy to write. The client got what they wanted – short copy split into sections that made it clear what the directory was and who it’s for. Although ‘live you best life’ can be seen as cliche, it’s a message that Heather felt important, because to live your best life, you need the best life coach.

So, it needed to be in there.

The website was designed by Jennie Lakenan who provided a wire frame template of how the site would look. This allowed me to create content that nailed every point the client wanted.

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Matt, you captured the tone I wanted to convey on my website. And you made the process very easy and seamless. Thank you!

I want to end by saying: I love it!!

Heather Rackham, The Life Coach Directory

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