Newsletter Case Study

How I achieved the highest newsletter open rate ever for Bloomsbury Speakers

The client

Swarajit Das, President of Bloomsbury Speakers (Toastmasters), helps to run a fun and friendly public speaking club in Central London. The club is also affiliated with Toastmasters International, a non-profit organisation with over 14,500 speaking clubs globally.

The problem

Swarajit is an accomplished writer and speaker in his own right, but he was starting to see a drop in email open rates.

The newsletter Swarjit had written was full of information, but there was a structure problem.

The dates jumped around, so news never followed a natural monthly progression.

News from May came before news from January, which was then placed before June.

The opening was very formulaic and the subject header just read: January Newsletter: Happy New Year!

It was informative, but didn’t give people a reason to click nor grab them from the start.

What I did

I made the subject header a little more exciting and something people might be curious to open, so, I went with:

    • Does this sound terrible?

It’s a bit mysterious and people will want to find out what this thing is.

Also, as it’s a speaking group, it works on that level too.

The opening then started by asking the subscribers to comment on the new name for the group members. I choose ‘Bloomers‘ because of the group name, but also as it would be a bit of fun asking it made them sound collectors of vintage underwear.

newsletter case study

The newsletter needed to feel more inclusive, hence the final section of the header (shown above). It made the opening a little bit more fun and inclusive, and the change of writing style (which Swarajit has continued with my help) was done to make sure readers found it a much more enjoyable read.

The rest of the email continued with this chatty style, but events were now listed in month order, wioth news of club awards following.

And right at the end, I reminded subscribers of upcoming events and details on how to attend events before a fun sign off that included a recent photo of group members and the new ‘Bloomers‘ name.

newsletter case study

The result

Swarajit got in touch with me a couple of weeks after the newsletter went out to inform me that it has the highest number of email open and click-through rates – ever.

In one newsletter, I’d written something that had resulted in the club’s most popular newsletter to date.

Swarajit has now adopted my chatty tone of voice for his newsletters which are continuing to prove popular.


newsletter case study

What the client said

MI would absolutely recommend hiring a copywriter like Matt.

He used his chatty, witty writing style to transform our dry, factual newsletter into a fun piece that gained our highest ever click-through rate!

Swarajit Das, Bloomsbury Toastmasters

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