Andy MacArthur

NLP Therapist & Coach

The project

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) therapist Andy MacArthur approached me after hearing about my personal struggle with poor mental health. He wanted someone who understood depression and anxiety to rewrite his homepage as he felt it sounded too corporate, cold and didn’t really explain what he did.

It was also written in the 3rd person so it didn’t have the warmth and connection with him that he wanted his clients to feel.

The outcome

Andy’s new homepage is clear about what he wants his clients to feel, what he does, who he is and how working with him will change their life.

It’s also more empathetic, with Andy telling a little bit about his own mental health issues – crucial when people seeking mental health support are looking for a therapist.

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Matt is a true professional who communicates in a clear, friendly way.

You can tell he really cares about his work and his clients. He is a warm, genuine person, easy to work with and goes the extra yard to deliver. And when I showed his copy to my web designer, he said it was the best copy he’s seen for a coaching site.

Andy MacArthur, NLP Therapist & Coach