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Check out some of the work I've done for businesses of different shapes and sizes - and if you want to see more, drop me an email and I'll pop some over to you.

Products & Website pages

Silent Pool is an international gin distiller supplying gins and vodkas to the Royal Family and 32 countries worldwide.

They asked me to write 10 Product Descriptions for their new 'Experience' Days and Tours.

Challenge accepted.

Blog Posts

In collaboration with Caroline Constable at Blue Hat Media, I've worked with Dragon Soop a few times.

Usually, they ask for 'announcement' blog posts. If there's breaking news, I'm the man who'll break it.


Blog Posts & Products

The Blossom.co supply silk wedding flowers for the big day - and I provide the copy.

Whether it's a product or blog post, owner Izzy loves light, cosy copy which appeals to her target audience.

Izzy picked perfectly!

Website pages

Over-Site needed a copywriter to write an in-depth homepage that covered their range of drone survey options.

Their target audience is construction industry professionals, so it needed to be aimed at people who know their stuff.

I didn't drone on.

Website pages

Grandesco Web Design & Marketing Agency approached me to rewrite their whole website.

I transformed their tired and dated copy into something more customer-focused to help explain their range of services.

Job done.

Proofreading & Products

Ariston Thermo are a global heating products and systems supplier (they used to have ads on the telly).

I was asked to proofread sections of their website after they'd translated it from Italian into English.

Et voilà.

Website pages

Tracy at True Weight Therapy needed a new homepage which explained all her services to her customers.

It had to be relaxed, warm and sensitive with her clients being people looking to tackle their weight loss issues.

Mission accomplished.

LinkedIn Posts

P2i are pretty swish, they create waterproof coatings for mobile phones, both inside and out.

They requested a series of on-going LinkedIn articles to showcase their waterproof tech.

No worries.

Website pages

In Home Care are a domiciliary care agency and they requested a website revamp comprising of 24-pages.

Due to the nature of their business, the tone had to be sensitive, caring and understanding.


Email Marketing

TranscendYou is a top marketing company run by the wonderfully talented Tracey Tait.

She requested a ten-part email series promoting two of her helpful marketing guides.

Sign me up!

Website pages

Wedding Photographer, Carys Pritchard, asked if I could add a warmer tone of voice to her homepage.

Not only did I do that, I also managed to include everything she does, without making it sound bloated.


Website pages

Ethan Suero is one taleted guy - an expert in Brand Identity, Logo Creation and Web Design.

He requested his website showcase his services and be aimed more at his customers.

Bring it!

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