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There’s stacks of work in my copywriting portfolio

I’ve written for loads of businesses. So, check out the BLAMTASTIC work in my copywriting portfolio that fits my chatty style (though I can write for you no matter what tone of voice you want).

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Chatty Linkedin articles

A BLAMTASTIC 3-part series called Being A Kid Never Gets Old, celebrating all the fun you can still have as an adult. Oh, and a bit about how I landed work with Beano, my ULTIMATE dream client.

copywriting portfolio

Puntastic blog posts

Having written multiple times for this Scottish brand, the ones that really stick in the mind are when they gave me free reign to use as many puns as possible – like this one stuffed with pig jokes.

Personality-packed pages

Natasha Francis from The Urban Vintage Affair, TV’s The Bidding Room and Salvage Hunters: The Restorers, asked me to add a dash of personality to her About and Product pages.

copywriting portfolio

Improved messaging & SEO

Anise from Walk Coach Learn already had content, but it didn’t explain what she did clearly. She used my Website Copy Booster, which resulted in a clear message, eye-catching copy and improved SEO.

landing page copywriter

Fun little jingle

After appearing on the cover of Freelancer Magazine, I wrote a jingle to the tune of Vogue by Madonna that included the names of my fellow cover stars. It’ll be music to your ears.

google ad copy, copywriter for google ads

Google Ads & Landing page

I’m ClickBoost‘s go-to Google Ads copywriter. If they need a chatty ad with an accompanying landing page writing, they know they’re getting copy that converts.

Articles with a chatty tone

DBOP! are an on-pack, multi-page labelling company who don’t like to sound stuff. So, they ask me to write blog posts for them that are professional, but also sound chatty, fun and human.

copywriting portfolio

Empathetic Christmas cards

Following the stress of the pandemic in 2020, De Jure wanted a set of Christmas Card Messages that sounded hopeful, warm and human with a bit of wordplay that didn’t mention ‘Covid-19’.

landing page copywriter

Simplified messaging

Neuro Linguistic Programming therapist and coach, Andy MacArthur, asked me to add personality to his coaching website homepage, and simplify what it is he does.

copywriting portfolio

Chatty coaching blog posts

My two-year pandemic retainer with The Good Alliance resulted in me writing loads of chatty articles their coaching clients would find dead useful. Job done, methinks.

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