The following measures are in place to ensure our compliance with GDPR legislation introduced on 25 May 2018.

Cookies and visiting

Indelible Think places a cookie on your system (no, not the edible kind, and well, everyone has done this joke before but I’m not below imitation) when you visit the website, but I don’t use this for gathering personally identifiable data. By continuing to use this website you’re agreeing that it is okay for me to do so.

Third-party operators (Google, Facebook etc., most of who don’t pay tax yet still get away with it) whose code appears on this site may place a cookie on your system, but any data they capture is processed by them and not by Indelible Think.

I don’t receive any data which is personally identifiable.


Filling in forms on

If you fill in and submit any contact form on this site, the only data I receive is that which is required.


  • Name, and
  • E-Mail address

The data you submit via forms on this site (including your name and email address) will be stored on my secure mail server if you become an on-going client.

Once work is completed or if you choose not to work with me on a project your data isn’t kept. It’s deleted entirely.  Honestly, I’ve got no use for it and have better things to do.

I won’t pass on your details to any third parties (because honestly, I wouldn’t know what the hell to do with it. instead I’d rather be doing something else, like watching Netflix or watching old reruns of The Brittas Empire) – your privacy is my top priority.


Contacting me by telephone or email

If you contact Indelible Think in the first instance by email or telephone, I’ll request basic personal information such as name, email address, telephone number etc. from you to maintain a record of your enquiry and to prepare for the possibility of you choosing to work with me.

If you do this, I’ll retain the information you provide on local servers/hard drive which is protected by the latest Hacking and Malware software.

Any information I keep is stored on a secure cloud, I keep very little if anything on an actual computer hard drive because I own a Chromebook and those babies don’t have a hard drive, it’s all cloud-based storage.


Becoming an Indelible Think client

If you become a client and enter into a contractual agreement for me to carry out work, I may request certain further information from you. This will not generally involve any personal data, though it may include your home address if your business operates from that address.

Any data you supply in this context will be stored on my secure cloud, as well as on my local server which is protected by the latest Hacking and Malware software. Some of this may also be transferred to third party secure Cloud storage utilities such as Google Drive.

Data which you supply relating to your business and its banking (which may include your personal account details if you are a sole trader or partnership) may be transferred to my third-party secure Cloud accounting service provider for safekeeping.

I don’t keep personal bank details for clients on my computer.


Email correspondence with

Any additional data that you might disclose to us in the course of email correspondence will be stored on my secure mail server, as well as on my local servers. Some of this may be transferred to third party secure Cloud storage utilities such as Google Drive. Mailing lists

I don’t currently maintain a marketing email list nor, at this time is there any plan to. Therefor I hold no information other than Blog Subscribers which is stored on the secure WordPress server.

I don’t use these email addresses, the only time these are used is when I update a Blog post and WordPress notifies subscribers automatically of an update.

These email addresses are not kept on my computer nor are they passed on to third parties (I never get invited to parties, so a third party is alien to me – as is a first). ICO Registered

Indelible Think is registered with the ICO, a legal requirement for all businesses. This has been accepted by the ICO and is awaiting confirmation from the ICO to confirm membership.

So, if you’re one of those people who email me telling me I’m not (which I’ve had), I’ll just ignore you and treat you as the spam you are, because I’m ICO registered, I ain’t so stupid to fall for your scam and pay money for something I’m already party to.


Acceptance and Consent

I maintain my database of users who have accepted my Privacy & GDPR Policy on my secure web server.


Data Requests

You may request a copy of any record I hold against your name by contacting me, Matthew Drzymala, at


Version & Date of Publication

This is version was published on 31st February 2020.