Should you put prices on your website?

Okay, I’m a little biased when it comes to whether or not you should put prices on your website.

My answer: Yes!

But that’s me. A lot of people worry or feel anxious about posting how much they charge for their services on their website. If that’s you, you might recognise some of the concerns in the next section, but carry on reading to find out why these worries are holding your business back.


Why you might not want to put prices on your website.

Displaying prices on a website tends to come with the following anxieties:

  • People will think you’re too expensive
  • People will think you’re too cheap
  • Putting prices on my services page will stop people from getting in touch
  • If you put prices on your website, competitors will undercut you
  • UK customers are especially uncomfortable talking about money
  • People will think your prices are set in stone with little to no flexibility
  • It’s rude

They’re all genuine worries, and they’re understandable.

But why should any of these stop you from displaying pricing on your website?

why are copywriters so expensive

If you were selling t-shirts, trainers, cutlery or a billion other physical products, you wouldn’t think twice, would you?


9 reasons why you should put prices on your website

Let’s be positive and look at all the reasons why you should include pricing on your website:

One. It shows your honesty

Sticking what you charge on a pricing page shows would-be customers how honest you are. This is who you are, what you charge and there’s no confusion.


Two. It only puts off people who won’t pay your price

People who are put off by your costs aren’t your target audience. Yes, there’s always room for flexibility regarding projects and pricing. But if somebody wants to haggle ¬£150 off the price of something, it’s an immediate red flag.

If they make you feel bad for what you charge, then they’ll probably be a nightmare to work with.

If they can’t afford you, that’s a shame. But if they want you, they’ll put money aside until they can.


Three. It makes referrals easier

If you’ve got tons of happy clients, encourage them to share your pricing page when they recommend you. Knowing you can do the job means referrals are less likely to haggle and pay your going rate.


Four. Pricing is searchable

If somebody is looking to work with a copywriter like me, one of the first things they’ll do is load up Google and type in:

How much does a copywriter cost?

Or some variation on the above.

By including key phrases like that (related to whatever industry you’re in) on your website, you stand a better chance of being found by your customers.


Five. It shows you have nothing to hide

Most people won’t spend long on a website if they can’t find how much something costs. And those that do and then send you an email with a query, more often than not, ghost you when you reveal how much you charge.

If you put prices on your website, it shows you have nothing to hide and that you’re proud of what you do and how much it costs.


Six. It removes price misconceptions

Customers tend to assume you’re too expensive if you don’t put your prices. Adding them might give them a welcome surprise they weren’t expecting.


Seven. It good for your branding

If you put prices on your website, it shows where you stand within your industry whether that’s an expensive powerhouse, somewhere in the middle, or cheap and cheerful.

There’s nothing wrong with being at the top or bottom end of the scale.

It shows where you are on your business journey and the types of clients you can help.


Eight. It allows you to run discounts

There’s no point telling people you’re running a limited 20% discount offer if they don’t know how much you cost in the first place.


Nine. It’s good for information gathering

Potential clients won’t only look at your website; they’ll have a nosey at your competitors too. By including your prices, they get immediate clarification of what it costs. It might also place you in their budget sweet spot,


Ready to put prices on your website?

But not sure where to start?

When it comes to working out how much you cost, here are some dos and don’ts:


One. Put your prices on one page

A dedicated pricing page means you’re not asking visitors to go on a treasure hunt to find what you charge. And it’s less of a pain in the arse for you when there comes a time when you change your pricing.

Two. Explain what you do

Give your website visitors a little bit of information on what they get when they choose that service. It means they know what you’re offering before they pick up the phone, book a call or fire off that email.



One. Underdervalue yourself

You’re an expert, so don’t price lower than your worth. If you’re a start-up making your way in your industry, understandable you might price down. But even then, you know what you’re doing, and your clients are looking for somebody to do something they can’t.

Working cheap undermines your value, and the value of your industry and peers too.

Two. Create a pricing page and not include your pricing

Nothing fucks off people more than creating a pricing page for SEO purposes; then when you land on it, it’s all a bit vague before asking people to contact you.

People hate searching for how much a service costs only for you not to tell them anything.


But hang on a minute, what about you, Matt?

Do you practice what you preach or are you a complete hypocrite?


How much does a copywriter cost?

I’m no hypocrite which is why you can find out how much a copywriter costs on my Services page:

put prices on your website, how much does a copywriter cost

It makes sense to include pricing on my website because not many copywriters do. I stand out in my industry. And clients can get a taste of what it’ll cost before working with me


Need a little help?

If you want to put prices on your website but need a hand writing your pricing page – or any web page for that matter – and want to learn more about working with me, check out my article, How To Work With A Copywriter Like Me.

Or, if my pricing page convinces you, get in touch and let’s chat.

Until next time,


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PPS. If you’re looking for a copywriter but worried about price, check out my article, Why are copywriters so expensive?


chatty tone of voice copywriter

Written by Matt Drzymala

Hey, I’m Matt, a chatty tone of voice copywriter in Liverpool. I specialise in writing laid-back, fun or conversational copy for businesses that want to sound like somebody with a pulse runs their business, not a robot – like my dream client, Beano, who I worked with in 2023.

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