Get more eyes on your small biz with a small business copywriter

If you’re struggling to reach your customers, I write witty, chatty and fun copy that makes your audience pay attention to everything you have to say.

small business copywriter
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Do I need a small business copywriter?

Every penny and customer counts when you’re a small business owner. So, if you’re having trouble getting leads and sales, you need to make your copy stand out and a must-read.

As a business owner myself, I know how hard and frustrating it is, which is why I specialise in copywriting for small businesses that:

  • Compels people to take action
  • Connects with your target audience
  • Sounds irresistible, exciting and fun

Every word I write is infused with the sam electrifying POP! WHIZZ! BANG! energy you experienced the first time you chucked popping candy in your gob as a kid.

Copywriting services for small businesses

Here are my four most popular services:

Brand Voice Consultant

Whether you need new tone of voice guidelines. Or you’re struggling to implement existing ones you’ve done, I can help.

TOV is my speciality.

SEO Website Copywriting

Struggling to write stuff that is clear about what you do and the results you get on your website and landing pages?

Don’t worry, I can fix it.

Content Writing

Fed up with people not opening your emails and newsletters, liking your social posts or reading your blog posts?

Chin up, speak to me.

Website Copy Audit

If you want to breathe new life into your existing copy and SEO, try my website copy audit.

It’s faster and cheaper than a full rewrite!

Hey, I’m Matt, a small business copywriter in Liverpool, UK

People call me ‘Beano Guy‘. Beano call me, ‘The Freelance Mischief Maker‘. I call myself a chatty business copywriter who writes:

  • Dead laid-back websites
  • Chucklesome social media posts
  • Pun-tastic products
  • Engaging email funnels
  • Blamtastic blog posts
  • Top tone of voice guidelines

– and loads more.

If you’re looking for a content creator and copywriter who’ll make you business memorable with SEO copywriting, you only get that by working with me.

brand voice copywriter, conversational copywriter

Do you need small business copywriting?

These small company crusaders did, and look how happy they are:

“Matt produces hilarious, chatty articles dead fast. He’s so good, his first draft is pretty much spot on.”

Caroline Constable

Clink Creative

“When I needed support for a client with a chatty tone of voice, Matt sprung to mind immediately!”

Dave Harland

The Word Man

“Matt totally gets my chatty tone of voice, that’s why I’ve worked with him on several website projects.”

Natasha Francis

The Urban Vintage Affair

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