Lovely words from happy clients.

Below are a small sample of top people who've hired or collaborated with me.

What a collection bloomin' fab human beings they are.

Sonal KeaySonal KeaySonal Keay, This Is Silk

"An amazingly talented copywriter who just 'gets it' and delivers."


Ethan SueroEthan SueroEthan Suero Brand Identity & Web Design

"I had the pleasure to work with Matt for the copywriting of my website. He did a great job with the homepage and I'm planning to keep working with him for the rest of the pages too.

Matt is super responsive, kind, and professional, but the best thing is that he always answers all your questions with the aim of being helpful and explain the reason behind every decision.

I will definitely work with him in the future for both personal and client projects.

Thanks, man!"

Suzanne Al-GayaarSuzanne Al-GayaarSuzanne Al-Gayaar, Copywriter

"After watching Matt's journey with Indelible Think on LinkedIn and Twitter I must admit, I've been envious!

He has built such a strong brand and reputation in a relatively short space of time. But after working with him for the first time, I now know exactly why.

His writing is excellent, he took my brief and delivered exactly what I needed, even delivering early. It was a relief to work with an experienced writer who can hit the ground running.

I'd love to work with Matt again and 100% recommend him."

Carys PritchardCarys PritchardPhotography by Carys

"Matt was very helpful and patient and knew exactly what I wanted.

Just a few changes were needed, which he was more than happy to do.

I would highly recommend using him and will be using his skills again to increase my sales through my website."

Charlie ChatfieldCharlie ChatfieldSilent Pool Distillers

“Matt at Indelible Think has been excellent.

The copy produced was done speedily and fit our brief perfectly after only a few short conversations.

We would definitely recommend his services and use him again."

Michael A. KeenanMichael A. KeenanFreelance Copywriter

"Matthew and I worked together on a few articles for client project. Besides being a fierce writer, he’s personable, kind, and knows his stuff.

He was quick to digest briefs in new industries, and was able to turnaround actionable, insight articles. A refreshing chap to work with in today’s day and age.

I’d recommend him to any agency or business who needs a good content writer on board."

Victoria SharpeVictoria SharpeMusician

"Matt’s an amazing copywriter. His writing is witty, pithy and on point.

He’s also a thoroughly decent bloke."

Caroline ConstableCaroline ConstableBlue Hat Media (on behalf of Dragon Soop)

"Matthew was recommended to me as I was looking for a writer for a client project. He turned around the piece at very short notice and followed the brief so well that the first draft was practically spot on in terms of content and tone of voice.

Matthew was very professional, communicated well and I will be using him again in the future. I can highly recommend Matthew as a wordsmith."

Habeeb AliHabeeb AliElan Mocktails

"Matthew has written a couple of pieces of work for me, he is an outstanding content writer, very efficient and pays attention to detail. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants a masterpiece."

Craig WrightCraig WrightStrayGoat Writing Services (on behalf of Foxes Party Box)

"I passed on a project to Matt and he did an excellent job. He quickly struck up a rapport with the client and quickly produced copy that was perfect for their site and he was open to suggestions too.

Would have no qualms about working with him again."

Rowan MartinRowan MartinCopywriter

"I brought Matthew in to help with a challenging piece of ad copy for an important client. He quickly and decisively made concrete improvements to my draft, noticing structural changes and tweaks to the language that made the copy much more readable and impactful.

Matt knows his stuff, happy to recommend his writing."

Henny MaltbyHenny MaltbyPink Elephant Media

"Highly recommended, very quick turn around and reasonable pricing.


Sophie CrossSophie CrossThoughtfully Copywriting (on behalf of Red & Blue)

"I asked Matt to work on a client’s website for me, writing up the policies page and a blog piece.

It was a relief to me that he didn’t need much direction and completed the work quickly, nailing the content and the friendly yet professional tone which was required."

Vicky PicklesVicky PicklesiFi audio

"We love working with Matt, not only does he 'get' what we're all about, he's been able to turn some pretty techy product descriptions and webpage content on our old website into sharp, well-written copy that can be understood by everyone!

He keeps us informed of what he is doing every step of the way, which is why he now works with us on all our written projects including press releases, blog posts and media packs.

Honestly, with Matt writing for us, we've struck gold!"

Grace GrieveGrace GrievePink Labrador PR & Communications

"As a copywriter, it's hard to write about my own business. I asked Matthew to proof, edit and add a little va-va-voom to a piece of my own marketing. He did an excellent job, turning it round quickly and giving it the sparkle it needed.

I will certainly be using his service again."

DM CainDM CainDM Cain - Author of Genesis of Light

"Matthew's proofreading service was excellent. He did a fantastic job of finding typos and grammatical errors but that was only the start of what he did.

He completely transformed the quality of my work!

He identified words and phrases I used too frequently, helped with sentence structure and even picked up on occasional timeline/plot errors. Exceptional work for the short turnaround time and more than reasonable cost.

Will definitely use again!"

Laura ParkerLaura ParkerLaura Parker Copywriter

"Matt at Indelible Think is responsive, confident and reliable.

I needed copywriting support for a last-minute SEO project, and I turned to Matt for help.

Matt wrote an exceptional piece, which my client loved. Here's what my client had to say.

'I think it’s the best piece I've read on this topic.'

I would recommend Indelible Think to any copywriter who needs extra support. Hopefully, we'll work together again soon."

Josh SmithJosh SmithLiquid Agency (on behalf of Ariston Thermo Ltd)

"A tricky project landed in our studio, and we weren’t too sure who would be able to produce what the client required.

We got in touch with Matthew who was more than happy and seemed confident in being able to achieve the goal set out.

Matthew kept us in the loop throughout the project and provided the finished product earlier than required which is always a bonus. We’ll definitely have Matthew at the top of the list for jobs of a similar stature going forward.”

Anna LovattAnna LovattWildsville Ltd

"Working in an industry with big names, it’s imperative my website looks and reads as professionally as possible.

That’s why I contacted Indelible Think and requested a thorough proofread of my site. Not only was Matthew attentive, but he was also friendly and professional too.

He picked up errors I had never noticed and reworded sections, so they flowed much better than they had before.

It was a pleasure to work with Matthew and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again in the future."

Tracey TaitTracey TaitTranscendYou

"I loved every minute working with Indelible Think.

Matthew is so easy to get along with, and he grasped what I wanted and needed after our initial conversation. When he said he would get drafts to me, he'd get drafts to me, and they'd always blow me away with how good they were.

From start to finish, it was simple, fun and it's clear to see that Matthew is not only a skilled wordsmith but an excellent listener. I'm already planning our next project."

Izabella FountainIzabella FountainThe Blossom

"I contacted Matt and asked him to write a blog post about my business. I gave him some basic information which was then followed by a very friendly phone call. As a result, I got a wonderful piece, far more than I expected.

He took his time to research the subject and what we do, great care when choosing the right wording and ensured that all SEO requirements were met. I will most certainly be using his services again."

"Indelible Think consistently provide high-quality copy for me, covering a variety of topics, and always deliver quickly.

Matthew communicates clearly the key benefits of a product/service with a chatty style sprinkled with humour, that stands out against bland, boring copy that's sadly so prevalent on the web."

Tim CraigTim CraigmChain

"Matthew recently turned some of our ramblings into on-point copy for our new business - making some rather dry material rather punchy, and it's really paying off for us in the comms that carry it.

He was a quick, conscientious and wasn't satisfied until we were.


Bogdan ČekerevacBogdan ČekerevacBogdan Čekerevac - Be Creative

"Matthew helped me out tremendously with creating powerful copy for my website. If I hadn't employed him, my sales would've suffered so badly!

Basically, there was some copy already created but it was all DIY, and I needed the help of a professional.

Matthew stepped in and fixed it up so it maximises the impact on my target audience.

He definitely has experience and it shows through his work. You won't regret hiring him."

Remmington PhillipsRemmington PhillipsPyro Consulting Solutions

"As a marketing company, it is important to us that the writing style on our website match our branding completely.

Indelible Think took the time to understand our brand in order to deliver materials which fit our needs.

This was the most important consideration for us when working with an outside freelancer, as our brand is our life.

I can't recommend Matthew highly enough!"

Nicholas Buus RasmussenNicholas Buus RasmussenShop4Body.dk & IT Magic Aps

"Matthew is a very skilled writer.

Very Happy!"

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