Izzy from The Blossom Co. is a flower supplier for the wedding industry, and she has worked with me on a number of occasions. I've written collection descriptions and blog posts for her, which she requests regularly.

She uses silk flowers in her collections, which must be mentioned in every job I complete.


Izzy has always been pleased with the work I've returned. She likes a 'comfortable' and 'cosy' tone to the pieces with words that evoke quality.

Below you'll find two examples:

  • A Collection blurb, and
  • A Blog Post



Izzy also gave me a testimonial after working with her:

"I contacted Matt and asked him to write about my business. I gave him some basic information which was followed by a very friendly phone call. As a result, I got a wonderful piece, far more than I expected.

He took his time to research the subject and what we do, great care when choosing the right wording and ensured that all SEO requirements were met which is why I've used his services again and again."

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