The Urban Vintage Affair

Rewrite About Us and product page intros for antique expert and TV personality.

What I was asked to do.

Natasha asked me to rewrite her ‘About’ page, which had dated badly and needed links to specific internal pages.

She also asked me to rewrite and add some personality to her product page intros.

The outcome

A more modern ‘About’ page.

It’s now less focused on Natasha, and more on what she offers her clients. And it also mentions that she is a part of the popular BBC One show, The Bidding Room.

Meanwhile, the intros on her product pages, which were confusing are now clear, straightforward and filled with personality.

About Us

Following her website relaunch, a snippet of my copy was then used on the Hello Magazine website:

Product Intros

As seen on/in:

It’s been a pleasure working with Matt. He’s very professional and full of helpful knowledge, as well as being really easy and friendly to communicate with.


He also understands my brands tone of voice which is one of the reasons I work with him again and again.

Natasha Francis, The Urban Vintage Affair & TV Personality

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