Website Copy Audits

Improve your current content & boost your SEO

Get fresh site copy without spending loads

If your current messaging isn’t grabbing your audience by the jaffas, I offer two website copy audits, the website copy booster and website copy chinwag.

And the best part: they’re faster and cheaper than a full website rewrite.

Ideal if you’re not ready to invest in website copywriting, don’t have a massive budget or writing’s not your thing.

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Website Copy Booster

During this audit, I check:

⚫ Your above-the-fold content (the bit you see immediately), to see if it tells visitors what you do, how you do it and the outcome they get

⚫ Whether you’re hitting all of your customers’ pain points

The flow of your copy and how easy it is to read

⚫ The consistency of your tone of voice

Whether you’ve incorporated SEO keywords correctly

⚫ How easy your call to action is for customers to follow

Any grammar and spelling issues

⚫ Your page meta data description and alt-txt copy

The consistency of message throughout your website

You’ll receive an in-depth document of my suggested changes, a checklist of what to do and in what order and an explainer video of my recommendations.

And you get all this for only:


That’s for 5-pages, a bargain as I did that from scratch, it’d cost you around £1,500. That means you’re getting all of my writing expertise for over half the price of a full writing project.

It’s time to invest in a website copy booster.

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I’m so glad I met Matt because I’ve been struggling to find the right words for my website for quite some time.

Matt’s website copy booster was just what I needed. He was fun and easy to work with. He really listened to my requirements and feedback. And in a short time frame, he gave me advice and great words that really reflect me and how I work.

My site now sounds professional, warm – and a lot more human.

Anise Bullimore, Walk Coach Learn

consultancy chinwag

Website Copy Chinwag

If your website is under performing or you’re not happy with your content, I’ll review your website BEFORE our call and then spend an hour (more likely 90-minutes) looking over everything you can do to make your copy and layout better.

During the video call, we’ll discuss all sorts off stuff, including:

    • Headers & Subheaders
    • Core messaging & Calls to action
    • SEO
    • Tone of voice
    • Content clarity
    • Content & page design/layout

Anything I can reword, I’ll let you know too.

The cost?


Getting your content knocked into shape is the most important thing. So, I’ll send you my report before our call so we can go through my advice and recommendations together.

And afterwards?

Well, you’ll have a plan of action with tips on how to improve your copy and, where needed, your layout too.

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Although I’m a writer myself, I struggled to see the obvious in my business.

Matt just ‘gets’ it.

I booked his Website Copy Chinwag and he came up with brilliant ideas that were easy to execute and have made a massive difference to my website and business!

Victoria Brown, Copywriter

Do I need a website copy audit?

You’ll know if you need one of my website copy audits because you’ll relate to one, some or all of the below:

    • Your website isn’t generating leads and sales
    • Your current content doesn’t clearly convey what you do and why your customers need you
    • It’s unclear what action customers need to take
    • It’s long, cluttered and confusing

And that might have happened because you tried writing it yourself (totally out of your comfort zone) or you ran it through AI and it’s missing a human touch or it’s an old website that was written years ago.

If any of the above sound like you, a copy audit for your website can help.

Need a website copy audit?

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